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Welcome to Europe enjoy discoveries that never end, romance of historic cities, glorious food and wine, activities and events to match your passions and warm European hospitality. Britain the land of tea and beer is also a land of heritage and tradition richly endowed with style and culture. Plan your trip with a wealth of ideas and information, taking you from London the world's capital of theater, fashion, the arts and some great restaurants, to England with its historic cities and quaint villages, the majestic Highlands of Scotland, the gentle valleys of Wales and the green hills and rugged coast of Northern Ireland. Switzerland with 48 peaks soaring over 4000 mts high, it enjoys the top position in the European high summit league. Zurich is its largest city, with countries leading business and financial center. Geneva is a home to the United Nations. Jungfraujoch which has the highest railway station and is all covered by snow. Variety and beauty, both natural and cultural, make Austria a small jewel in the heart of Europe. Over 2000 medieval castles, new design hotels, post modern architecture, over 5000 different types of beer, dry Riesling wines, soaring Alps, fairy tale roads and top fashion designers are only few attractions of Germany. Italy has a warm way of welcoming their guests. It has some of the best art and architecture available in and around the world. Theres this and many for one and all to experience.


Recommended Activities: visit the castles, museums and cathedrals. Shop for the best brand of products.


Logistics: Connected Through Air from India. Direct connection is British Airways, Kingfisher and Jet Airways

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